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Anocris is a real-time strategy game that takes you into the world of ancient Egypt. Here you will experience the heyday of this mysterious civilization and start your own Egyptian settlement. Will you be able to turn it into a mighty empire and take control over the Nile?

  • Giant pyramids, mysterious sphinxes and omnipresent gods

Experience the 3,000-year history of ancient Egypt in your own skin!

  • Egyptian metropolis on the banks of the Nile

Found your own city, erect authentic buildings of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and use their effects to your advantage.

  • Units of the era of Ramses II

Recruit charioteers, Anubis warriors and the Medjay, use the clairvoyant powers of the high priests of Amun, and go into battle!

  • Technologies of the Egyptian daily life

Explore advanced technologies of the ancient Egyptian civilization and use them to develop your city.

  • Spells and festivals

Secure divine help and strategic advantages for your city by celebrating ancient Egyptian festivals and enacting season spells.

  • Resources & production

Make strategic choices in resource production and obtain the highest output.

  • Tribes, diplomacy and wars

If you want to move forward, you will need trustful allies. Join a tribe and cooperate with other pharaohs.

  • PvP and PvE

The interactions with other players, be it war or cooperation, is the main focus of the game. Anocris also has a strong PvE component that allows you to interact with nomad camps.

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